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Online Social Groups

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Our online social groups were born out of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Many of our members were already experiencing social exclusion, and felt unable to access social activities.  The Pandemic sadly exacerbated this for many people with disabilities like Cerebral Palsy.   This is why we started our online social groups, to keep people connected during the Pandemic.  However, they remain very popular amongst the members and are very much here to stay.

Our online social groups are vital for some of our members and for some, it forms the majority of their social interactions. Many lovely friendships have developed as a result of the Zoom sessions, and they have opened up other opportunities for socialising and developing friendships.  Members now often meet outside of our scheduled Zoom sessions, and have developed their own activities such as online bingo and quizzes.  Other members have arranged in person activities independently, such as bowling or pub visits.

Social Meetings

Every Tuesday on Zoom at 1:30pm and 3:30pm


Cerebral Palsy Plus

It’s not always easy to find regular clubs to attend where you can see the same faces or make lasting friendships.

Cerebral Palsy Plus runs an Evening Club for adults with cerebral palsy.  We currently provide transport for existing members but unfortunately cannot provide this for new members. However, if you can get yourself there we will welcome you with open arms!

The club runs activities such as bingo, pub quizzes and if you are willing, a disco!  As often as possible we arrange to take all members out on trips to the seaside, local shows and meals out. The club meets 3 Tuesdays every month  6.45pm – 8.45pm at a city centre location.

If you would like more information then please contact Olivia, our Activities Worker, on the details below:
Mobile: 0734 2328 925

Please note that Olivia is a sessional worker and does not work full time but if you leave a message she will contact you when she is next at work.  Get in touch with Olivia on for more information contact us using the link below.


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