Children’s Swimming Club

Children’s Swimming Club

Cerebral Palsy Plus

Cerebral Palsy Plus manages a Saturday morning swimming club for children from 4 months old up to 16 who have a disability of any kind.

Children attend with parents or carers (and siblings) after a Physio assessment.

There is a waiting list for our club and it is not open to the general public, people join the club after a physiotherapy assessment, which we will arrange at a session.

If you are interested in the club contact us and we will see if you fit the criteria for the waiting list.

If you would like more information then please contact Olivia, our Activities Worker, on the details below:
Mobile: 0734 2328 925

Please note that Olivia is a sessional worker and does not work full time but if you leave a message she will contact you when she is next at work.

Swimming Dates

The swimming club will be running every Saturday morning during term time.

Venue: New Siblands Primary School, Gillingstool, Thornbury, BS35 2EG


I cannot stress what a difference being able to go swimming weekly has made to us as a family, we are so appreciative of this opportunity. Swimming is one of the very few activities that we can do as a family, but we can only do it in a hydrotherapy pool as our disabled daughter cannot regulate her temperature in colder water. Our daughter is very profoundly affected by her condition and cannot walk or sit independently, she absolutely loves the water and the freedom it gives her. She often smiles and sings all the way through the hour or so we spend there. But it’s not just being in water that makes her so happy, it’s also the fact that when we are in the water together I can cuddle her and take her weight, something I can not easily do outside of the pool as she has become too big for me to lift. We both get so much out of our swimming cuddles. The physio that comes in is also really helpful, she’s known Cali for years and always has helpful suggestions on how we can do exercises to help strengthen her and improve her coordination, it always surprises me what she manages to get Cali to do! During the sessions we have managed to teach our other daughter to swim, which is another amazing outcome as we really would struggle to find a time in the week to take her to swimming lessons. It’s also lovely seeing the same faces every week and getting to know other families. Olivia, John and Ann are always friendly and accommodating and we always feel welcomed and part of a wonderful, exclusive club. Thank you so much, you are really making a difference to us.


Mum to Cali – Attends Children’s Swimming Club regularly

The Swimming Club has been wonderful for Teddy, who has Cerebral Palsy.  It was the first ever physical activity that he could enjoy safely, in the company of children he could relate to, and at his own pace.  It helped him to develop in so many ways.  He has learnt how to move his limbs with more freedom, increased his strength, and gained confidence in the water.  The Club is so important for both the emotional and physical wellbeing of all the children who attend

Mum to 10 year old Teddy – a regular at our Children’s Swimming Club

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