Access a Grant

Access a Grant

Sometimes it’s not just a club or information you need, it’s the freedom to choose exactly what you want.

Through our grants scheme we can provide financial assistance for individuals and occasionally groups towards the following:


  • Holidays
  • Equipment
  • Home furnishings and white goods
  • IT equipment and communication aids
  • Relocation
  • Sensory toys

Please note this list is not exhaustive – please contact the office if you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail. We can only provide a grant to an individual 1 time in any 3 year period.

Cerebral Palsy Plus

Grant Information

    Our grants are not means tested but the following criteria must be met for us to consider your application:

    1. You are a member of Cerebral Palsy Plus
    2. You have a BS postcode. (Although we’d like to, we just can’t help everyone. As such our services are only available to those living in the Bristol area)
    3. You or the person you are applying for has cerebral palsy


    What We Need From You

    • A completed application form (these are available below)
    • A letter of recommendation from a professional who works with you, ideally a Social Worker, Occupational Therapist or GP.  This letter should confirm a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, that the individual lives in Bristol and most importantly that the individual will benefit from the grant.
    • A quotation from the supplier for the cost of the grant. We prefer to pay the supplier directly rather than the individual in question.

    The application forms have been designed to be as simple to complete as possible and our office staff are happy to assist you with the form filling if necessary.

    We receive a huge number of grants and we help as many people as we can but it can take us a while to get a decision to you. We consider grants in February, June and October at our monthly meetings.  We work as hard as we can to keep the decision time down to a maximum of 4 months.

    Before completing an application form, please read the Grant Guidelines below and, if necessary, contact the office to discuss further.


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