Frame Running June Session

9th June 2024  | 11.30am – 1pm
Bristol Cycling Centre
, Old Whitchurch Athletics Track, Bamfield, Bristol, BS14 0XA

Sessions are free to children and adults with a disability which affects mobility and ability to walk / run independently.

Come along and try out Frame Running, a sport which is becoming more and more popular, and has even been endorsed by physiotherapists as a unique way to channel therapy in an enjoyable activity.  Frame running uses a three wheeled frame, which supports wheelchair users and people with limited and unstable mobility to have access to supported movement.  They allow self-propulsion in a safe and supported way, giving freedom to exercise, run and move independently.  In addition to being enjoyable, it’s also a fantastic way to improve general fitness, and can help build muscle strength and balance.

These sessions are open to people of all ages with any disability, not just Cerebral Palsy, and will help disabled people get active and enjoy themselves.

Some feedback from participants so far includes:

  • “It made me feel stronger in my legs and I had no aching the next day”
  • “Physios say walk – and this encourages walking with something to hold onto”
  • “it feels safe – like you won’t fall”
  • “It’s like physio- only better!”
  • “It’s really good, makes me feel less tense in muscles.”
  • “The social side is great too- we have a good catch up and laugh”

Thanks to the Starfish Trust for providing the funding to purchase our Frames and set up this much loved Club.

If you would like to attend a session, you must book in advance by contacting us.
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