Children’s Halloween Party

October 17th 2023 | Supersense at Imperial Sports Ground

We held a Halloween Party for children and families at Supersense at Imperial Sports Ground.  We had 11 children with Cerebral Palsy aged between 4-10 attend this event along with their families including parents, siblings and cousins.   We also had 2 brand new members attend and we hope it will be the first of many activities they will enjoy!

The children had the opportunity to play with the sensory equipment and we had a wonderful interactive magic show from Lucy Lostit, as well as facepainting, buffet and a special Halloween cake!

This event provided an opportunity for children to celebrate Halloween, dress up and have fun in a safe environment that catered to their needs.  It also provided a wonderful social opportunity for both the children and their families.  Parents tell us that they love to see their children play and have fun in a safe space without judgement.  They also tell us that they benefit greatly from meeting other families in a similar situation to themselves:

“Parenting a child with a disability like Cerebral Palsy can be extremely lonely and isolating.  In the early days we felt very alone, however since joining Cerebral Palsy Plus and coming along to events like the Halloween Party, we feel accepted and part of a community of people who share an understanding what we are going through.  We are here to support each other, share knowledge and it no longer feels like we are alone!”

Huge thank you goes to the Pixel Fund for the gift we received which enabled this event to take place.  Thanks also to Enable Law who provided wonderful volunteers, sweeties and the face painter.

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