Arthur’s Trip To Vilamoura

November 2023

We have just returned from our fabulous week in Vilamoura, every family member thoroughly enjoyed it, but no one as much as Arthur did! He truly is his happiest when on holiday and every day was an exciting and stimulating experience for him!

The apartment itself is spectacular, so spacious and beautiful that we were quite happy cooking meals in the perfectly equipped kitchen and could pack light as in the utility room we were treated to both washer and dryer. My step son was thrilled he had his own shower room and in our en-suite there was a jacuzzi bath! This was indeed Arthur’s favourite feature and the master bed was so enormous that there was enough space to keep him in with us, which made him so happy! I could write a whole blog about how great the apartment was and its location was just as fantastic.

Situated on a purpose built luxury resort, right in the middle of the picturesque “old village” we were able to get an adorable tourist train around the whole resort which dropped us off right at the marina. Arthur was fascinated by the amount of boats and even enjoyed a boat trip exploring beautiful beaches and caves. As the sea was so warm, he enjoyed a little paddle and loved playing on the sand. ​

Back at the hotel, although the weather was extremely kind to us the outdoor pools were too cold to swim but that didn’t matter at all because the indoor pool was simply divine! The only difficulty was getting him out when it closed at 6pm.  Thank goodness for that jacuzzi bath! 

From arrival we were treated as VIPs by the hotel and everyone was so kind and friendly to Arthur! He even made a new good friend who was also at the hotel and has CP. that was a highlight, meeting another family like us! 

We are so grateful for Cerebral Palsy Plus letting us stay in the beautiful apartment (it was So nice that it’s a place I doubt we could ever afford ourselves) in such a wonderful part of an amazing country! What a wonderful way to start winter! Arthur usually suffers with coughs and colds this time of year, and although we heard a worrying cough on the flight over, the sea air, glorious food and sunshine certainly had a positive affect on his health and he was on great form to enjoy his holiday! 

Thank you so much for a truly incredible week! 

Mrs Anna Brosnan 

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